WordPress Training Courses

Advance Your WordPress skills. In-person classes or live, one-to-one training online.

Wordpress training for all levels. One to one workshop classes for tailored lessons specific to your website, industry and technology.
WordPress classes in Melbourne available as one on one training or group sessions. Workshops hosted over Skype, Facetime or by phone. In-person practical WordPress courses available when permitted.
Learn everything from the beginning- or focus only on what you need to know. Learn to optimise WordPress for mobile devices. Understand how to make a website or online shop mobile responsive without risking SEO optimisation. In fact- when you correctly implement what we teach, your website will gain a ranking advantage . We provide practical tuition on everything from plugins to themes.
We cover modifying layouts, pages, posts and selecting the best editor.
Develop PHP programming skills and become an advanced user.
We facilitate WooCommerce training for in-house managers of online shops. All courses include specifics for achieving the best SEO results for any website.

group classes for students learning WordPress

WordPress Courses for Website Managers, Developers and Digital Marketers

Learn to develop websites the right way! Take your skills from beginner right through to advanced. Our tailored workshops teach everything from the basics through to advanced programming and customising. Learn WooCommerce- including managing products, categories, layouts and SEO.
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An informative curriculum has been developed right across all our WordPress courses to ensure thorough learning the easiest way possible! Our Melbourne WordPress workshops are for people who manage corporate websites, small business online shops using WooCommerce, and digital marketers who need to edit content.

Our private WordPress tutors in Melbourne host classes in the CBD and South East suburbs- including the Mornington Peninsula. Learn as your knowledge grows, right from your very first lesson. Private coaching, group training, and single on-demand sessions for corporate groups or individuals are available. Videos of lessons are available- and work as a refresher and a complement to notes specific to your own website.

WordPress Lessons and Customised Notes

All WordPress courses include customised written notes and marked up screenshots for you to follow. This means you get specific advice for your unique situation. Private tutoring, individual tutorials and focused training ensures you can study only those modules relevant to your knowledge gap. Our private WordPress private WordPress tutors in Melbourne are available to teach all aspects of front end development, back end development and editor selection. Learn how to backup your website, restore from backup- and how to troubleshoot broken layouts and functionality problems. Make sense of Gutenberg, plug-ins slideshows and working with blocks in the new WordPress release. Convert and optimise themes, for mobile performance, SEO visibility and develop the best user experience possible within your website.

We can teach you all these things- and more.

SEO Courses Specific to WordPress

Our Melbourne SEO training takes you beyond the basics of working with this amazing content management system. Get rewarded for your hard work- with free organic traffic that is seeking out what you offer. Learn how to take full advantage of Yoast the right way. Understand how the ranking system works- and what you need to do to take advantage of this plugin.

learn how to use Javascript with WordPress