SEO Training Courses

Learn to use Yoast. Get better visibility in organic search for the keywords that matter.

Practical classes, covering all topics related to optimising Wordpress websites.
We share professional, risk-free techniques and provide diagnostics of your own website.

lsearch engine optimisation training courses in Melbourne

Wordpress SEO Training

Our search engine optimisation courses have been designed for digital marketers who work with- or manage- a WordPress website. We cover all the important elements of developing rank-worthy pages, so that your website earns extra organic traffic. Our teaching material is brought across from the SEO Melbourne Academy and customised from the beginner syllabus as well as the intermediate level training.

Are you already working with Yoast for WordPress? Learn how to get more from the plug in. Understand the limitations of the plug in as well as when to not follow Yoast's suggestions! It's a great piece of kit to have in your site management suite of tools- but it's not a human mind. Learn how to spot the quirks- and know when to apply your own overrides.

We look at the factors which influence search engine rank in order to be able to apply the best techniques to any page. There is a delicate mix of art and science to understanding how to do SEO on a WordPress site.

  • Group classes begin at 10.00 a.m. and run through until 3.00 p.m.
  • One to One Sessions begin at 9.00 a.m. and conclude at 4.30 p.m.
  • Ongoing monthly support includes any mix of training, phone support, email assistance and specific tasks done for you. Help is often available when you need it on weekends and during evening hours.

Learning the fundamentals of optimizing your website keeps you in control of your marketing and ranking potential.
Combine our SEO training with modules from any of our WordPress courses for a unique, targeted learning experience.

Beginner SEO Training

An introduction to search engine optimisation.

We cover:

  • How search engines crawl the web and find pages;
  • Factors used in assessing rank-worthiness- and what you should be doing;
  • Optimising each page- how to do it the right way;
  • Using media- images, slideshows and video for ranking advantage
  • Doing what's necessary- making use of limited time;
The beginner SEO course for WordPress will set you up to move up in rank for your chosen keywords..

Intermediate SEO Course

When you're familiar with doing SEO this training session takes your skills ot the next level.

We teach how to:

  • Use advanced keyword research techniques;
  • Discovering the keywords which will convert to sales;
  • If you're in a competitive market- how to get the jump on your competition;
  • Backlinks- what works, what doesn't and what the safest, surest methods are;
  • Reverse engineering a competitor's strategy;

If you are a marketer or website manager, our mid-level SEO course will take you well beyond the basics.

Advanced SEO Course

This expert level search engine optimisation training is for digital marketers or WordPress website and web content managers who need specific problems resolved.

Advanced level items include:

  • Optimising a theme for SEO advantage;
  • Implementing schema micro data;
  • The right way to manage redirects;
  • Pulling out all stops- mounting an SEO campaign and managing it
  • Recovering from manual penalties
Advanced SEO training is for webmasters who manage an established site in a competitive market.

WordPress SEO Course Prices

Prices are 'per person' for classes and sessions in Melbourne's South East. Places are prepaid 24 hours prior to commencement.

  • Beginners
  • Group Classes
  • $525 per person
  • One class- any level
  • Learn SEO fundamentals and get your website found for more search queries and keywords.

    Specific techniques which include managing your WordPress website for the best possible advantage in Google Organic Search.

  • Specialised
  • One to One
  • $825 One Person
  • One session.
  • This WordPress SEO course is for people who are tasked with managing a small business website or an online store that relies on organic traffic acquisition.

    Website diagnosis with a custom search engine optimization strategy.

  • Mentoring
  • Ongoing Support
  • $1680 per month
  • Paid Monthly
  • Full SEO management. We coach you monthly as you learn to use the full suite of professional techniques and tools a Melbourne SEO specialist would use.

    Includes website modifications, SEO strategy development and any level of programming or design changes, up to 10 hours per month,.

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