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Classes for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Students

WordPress courses in Melbourne available this week.
Learn edits, design and SEO for WordPress.
Woocommerce essentials training for online shop owners.
Attend a session with a specific syllabus, or design your own lesson.

learn WordPress web design, website development and updating

WordPress Courses Overview

Our WordPress courses in Melbourne teach all the things you need to know as a website owner or manager. Learn WordPress during the day, evening or on weekends.

One-to-one training includes same day phone support. Prices begin at $77 including GST. This includes notes, marked-up screenshots of your website and admin interface. Also same day phone support from a WordPress trainer in Melbourne means you'll have an easy to understand tutor ready to answer any questions.

Woocommerce essentials training available too! We teach how to use elemental editor. Understanding and configuring Yoast beyond the standard things everyone else does. Learn to work with plug ins and extensions. Manage assets- images, videos, slideshows and widgets. Grasp the essentials of theme changes and design modifications as well as website security and WordPress SEO.
The ideal way to learn is through private wordpress tuition at your own pace.
Learn to design, modify and manage WordPress websites from professional developers who regularly teach students of all ability levels.

For the ultimate learning experience- one to one WordPress coaching is combined with WordPress support and maintenance. You can leave the heavy lifting to a professional until you become familiar with everything. Tailored courses are the answer. Quickly grasp what you need to learn- and gain the knowledge quickly.
Master the skills you'll need to work with media assets. Understand how to add, set and style images, video- as well as audio files. Confidently add content, make layout and design changes and take charge of your website.
Learn how to write leaner code for better page load speed. Understand what CSS is and how to make something look right on mobiles, tablets and desktops. Become familiar with troubleshooting and restoring your website from a backup.

Lessons follow a format which encourages lots of questions, so you get to find out about the things you really want to learn. Write custom notes, get screenshots with instructions or have videos made so that you can refer back to these when you work on your website.

  • Group classes begin at 10.00 a.m. and run through until 2.00 p.m.
  • One to One Sessions are available almost any time, during the day or evening. Weekend help and private WordPress Tutoring is available.
  • Custom lessons, complete with screenshots, notes and videos are provided. The format is determined by the subject matter. Same day phone support is included. Help is often available when you need it on weekends and during evening hours.

Our WordPress courses represent the perfect way of learning this comprehensive website building program.

Beginner Training

We offer a range of subjects related to WordPress development for beginners.

Learn how to:

  • Select the best theme for your end need;
  • Create SEO-friendly pages, categories and posts
  • Work with media- images, slideshows and video
  • Make and configure forms
  • Maintain backups
The beginner course for WordPress will give you the skills you need to successfully manage and modify a website.

Intermediate Training

A range of subjects for people who have some experience working with WordPress.

We teach how to:

  • Use advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques
  • Design and develop child-themes
  • Code for better responsive designs
  • Maintaining server health and a secure hosting environment
  • Write and assign custom CSS for a unique look

Intermediate WordPress training will get you to a level where you can customise websites with confidence.

Advanced Training

For people who work with WordPress regularly, and need a second pair of eyes to help with a problem.

Advanced level items include:

  • Theme development or redesign to accommodate new features
  • Fixing extension or plugin problems
  • Cleaning a hacked website - malware removal
  • Checking intrusions and hardening Wordpress
  • Writing custom functions in PHP
You can also have an advanced search engine optimisation strategy developed by us.

Customised WordPress Training

Tutorials Developed and Delivered for Your Website.
This means they are 100% relevant to what you want to learn, right now.

Custom notes, screenshots and tutorials are prepared for you, for your site so that you can refer back to them, and work independently.

We can even create a second backup copy of your website for you, so that you can practice befofre commiting your changes to the live site.

That Means No Risk.
  • Starters
  • Group Classes
  • Virtual or In-Person
  • One class- any level
  • Ideal for small business owners, website managers and marketing staff. All Wordpress courses include SEO tips.

    People who wish to design, build and manage websites will benefit from the beginners and intermediate courses.

  • Specialised
  • One to One
  • On-demand Training
  • Per Tutorial.
  • Ideal for people who have specific customisation they need to understand, like eCommerce or complex plugins.

    Tutorials developed for your website. Topics include maintenance, design changes, theme customising, SEO, plugin configuration, backups and specific problem solving.

  • Help Line
  • Ongoing Support
  • Same Day Help
  • Hourly- as needed
  • From routine maintenance- to critical issues.

    Get WordPress help from a professional Melbourne based developer.

    All CSS, Theme, Functionality, Security, SEO, Woocommerce, JS and Update issues sorted.

    Quotes per event, provided after a free inspection and assessment.

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