Wordpress Support When You Need It!

Custom Lessons, Help Desk: All Design and Code Issues Sorted

We deliver rapid response WordPress support. Get diagnosis and resolution of all and any website issues.
Help is available today from a WordPress web designer.
Solve extension problems, responsive design issues and all MySQL database and security issues. Remove threats and regain control of your hacked website.
Get your online shop working properly, and restore the little security lock in the browser.

custom wordpress tutorials developed
WordPress support for all website problems

On-call WordPress Support

Get help when you’re working on your website. Assistance with WordPress is available by phone, email or in-person so you can call our help-desk. We’re online anytime you need assistance with design, setting out images, galleries, text or video. This will help you create better websites.

We offer maintenance or manangement of any CMS, database or security issue. A WordPress expert in Melbourne is available locally. Get immediate assistance with problems relating to any of the items covered in our WordPress courses.

We can meet in person, or provide telephone based guidance.

Some plugins, extensions and backups need expert attention, and will benefit from our help.

Don’t risk breaking your website when you stay up all night!

Learn WordPress as we fix any problems, and cultivate an understanding of how your website works. This is an essential part of building your design, development and coding skills.

Professional WordPress SEO Help

Search engine optimisation is an essential skill for all website managers, therefore we offer support for this important discipline. We’ll check your on-page optimisation and inbound marketing and make a worksheet so that you can follow it for positive results. Get a tailored website-specific action plan, with relevant material from our SEO courses.

Find out what’s stopping your page from achieving high rank so that you can take immediate steps to fix that.

Better organic search can boost an under-performing web page will give greater visibility in search results. Get assistance with bringing your website to life with better SEO so that you gain more traffic and customers.

From a Single Line of Code to a Complete Website

We can debug code for you so that you can get on with building or managing your site. Get your website development done by us or have us project manage it, so that you can do what you do best. Navigate PHP programming as we create easy to follow, relevant tutorials.

Get professional WordPress support today and know that we’ve got your back. A WordPress support specialist will find the errors in your site and make everything right again.

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